TheFatRat Teams Up With Laura Brehm On Melodic Masterpiece “We’ll Meet Again”

With several areas still under quarantine, ThFatRat, the world’s leading gaming music singer, brings people together with its latest album, “We’ll meet Again.” “The song is about hanging on to your mates, even though you don’t get the opportunity to see them,” TheFatRat says. Delivering the ultimate summer anthem, a blend of calming orchestral sounds and catchy melodies that fans can expect from TheFatRat. The song picks up in an uplifting pace after rapidly growing its tempo thanks to fast cello-strings. The words themselves are victorious, with an emphasis on struggling to get together despite adversity. A heart-pounding drop punctuates this feeling, surging with the excitement and compassionate relief.

The song was written and produced during quarantine and is obviously inspired by it, not just thematically but also technically,” says TheFatRat. Due to quarantine, TheFatRat was unable to host any direct studio sessions, instead opting to use soundbetter.com to find the right instrumentalists. “I pre-produced the entire orchestral parts with samples and sent the files around the globe to collect each recording piece by piece.” – TheFatRat






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