Norwegian Label Pack The Pool Debuts Theo & Beatcoins ‘Certified’ Featuring Patrick Brizard

Today we’re happy to introduce you to a brand new artist project thanks to a summer-fuelled jam called “Certified”. Teaming up for this funky masterpiece is 17 year old Theo & 26 year old Beatcoins, meanwhile Patrick Brizard delivered the finishing touch with his silky vocals.

Often a new artist can rush to get their first single out there, but in this case they hunted for perfection before releasing it to the world. ‘Certfied’ is an infectious and expertly crafted track that exudes good vibes through synth laden guitars built around the velvety vocal tones from Patrick Brizard.

Speaking on the song they say ‘Certified’ is about someone you meet that posses all the qualities you like in a person you’re attracted too. When you meet someone and the energy between you and the person is through the roof. You can’t explain it but it’s there.

They teamed up for the release with tastemaker Norwegian imprint Pack The Pool for the release and the result demonstrates seasoned production skills far beyond their years. When there’s more music out from any of these three we’ll be listening.

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