Enter The Acoustic World of Freya Niamh In Debut EP ‘This is Mine to Keep’

This is Mine to Keep EP goes deep into the mind of underrated artist Freya Niamh. Her eye for detail and care for the craft comes out across the six tracks that are present. Featuring only two instruments, her voice and her acoustic guitar, the simplicity of the tools used to create an experience showcasing such deep meaning is an aspect that adds stickiness to a charming adventure within.

Before the EP, she’s dropped 2 singles which helped established her sound and what fans can expect to come from the alias. Now dropping a handful of songs, what’s she’s all about and where’s she’s going becomes more clear and all-around exciting.

This is Mine to Keep EP draws from Freya Niamh life experiences, her music painting a picture of an individual full of intelligence, reflection, and an ability to articulate what’s on her mind through the artform of music.

Freya Niamh has a timbre that’s infectious, branding that alluring, and lays out plenty to feast on sonically, This is Mine to Keep EP is easy to latch onto.




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