Thomas Xavier Shows First Single ‘Ballin’ Off Of Sophomore EP Signed To iamrecords

Thomas Xavier returns with his first single off the second EP, “Ballin.” Debuting his first release earlier this year via, Go To Church EP, the man knows how to bring some hefty G-House to life with a production style that pops magnificently. The same goes for this single, which is the first of several to come from his upcoming sophomore EP titled, Pussy On A Pedestal. “Ballin,” hits the spot with a four-on-the-floor pallet that nails a sweet energy, the bassline damn-near jumps out of the speakers as the fast moving and electric energy formulates a hypnotic framework simply hard to beat.

Xavier now has his second label under his belt, signing this EP to iamrecords – a label owned by black a.m. This label owner has toured with MGK, NGHTMRE (in 2020), and now is turning his attention toward the future, starting his own label that he’s building in-house from the ground up.

Overflowing with stark confidence and transformatively captivating thanks to it catchy nature, Thomas Xavier proves that he can continually grab hold of a steaming level of immersive quality that his debut release carried.

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