Thomas Xavier Finishes Up Break-Out Year With ‘Takin’ Flight’

Now back on G-Mafia for the 2nd time, Thomas Xavier’s “Takin’ Flight” not only shows stark development production-wise from the inception of his first originals back in May, but represents a snapshot in his career where it’s easy to reflect on the growth he’s captured on many fronts.

Since May, an explosion of shows has followed Thomas Xavier nationally. He’s opened for names like Claude Von Stroke, Boys Noize, BIJOU, Dom Dolla, Black a.m., Masteria, Destructo, and Tombz across cities such as Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Antioch, and other locations.

On the streaming front, he’s now at 450,000 streams and growing, putting him on track for his first million streams when the 12 month mark from initially releasing strikes.

He’s release on labels like User Friendly, Sound Best Records, and 1 single on G-Mafia Records.

Moving on to “Takin’ Flight,” the power is palpable and dirty. Thomas Xavier putting some of his darkest and heaviest vibes out there without a second look. The single has plenty of aspects that would make it fit right into a club setting, even channeling a bit of trap influence with it’s cut time verse in the bridge.

Thomas Xavier is on fire and nailing a well-balanced growth track all things considered.




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