Thomas Xavier’s ‘Can’t Stop Me’ A Strong Continuation Of A New Journey In 2021

The momentum of Thomas Xavier simply cannot be slowed as he fires off his next single from sophomore EP Pussy On A Pedestal. Gushing G-house swings through the drums as an action-oriented, all instrumental experience grips tightly. Every bassline hits with an melodic smoothness, the vocal samples adding just the the right flavor of personality, and the chipper percussion allowing all the production parts to fall in line right where they should. The single follows up “Ballin'” and his debut EP Go To Church. Both titles mentioned were signed by labels and went on to reach a healthy stream mark of over 100,000 across SoundCloud and Spotify.

This is seemingly the digital pre-game for Thomas Xavier as the real-world action is starting it’s take off. July saw him opening for BIJOU in the states with more on the way – the performances and the fast-paced stream success all unfolding in a matter of several weeks after kicking off the original music release side of his career.

“Can’t Stop Me” falls in rhythmic tandem with the wave-length Thomas Xavier is on at the moment; rising, blossoming, and bringing a well-natured quality of the music with him only begins to tell the story he’s currently writing.

Hear the single below and listen back to the catalog that’s building his legacy.





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