Thom Yorke Stars In Netflix New Release Musical Short “ANIMA”

It’s not everyday Netflix drop a musical short or “one-reeler” as they have coined it, but in true fashion when they do something new it’s out of this world. The Paul Thomas Anderson directed “ANIMA” was scored by and stars none other than Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. It was premiered earlier in the week on IMAX screens around the globe in a free screening, and with Netflix’s recommendation to watch it loud, we think this might have been quite the thrilling experience. The release is apart of Yorke’s new album ANIMA released this week via XL Recordings.

In a 15 minute video reminiscent of Black Mirror versus Inception, backed by Yorke’s euphoric and cinematic sounds we are throttled on an ambient musical journey twisting through multiple levels of brilliantly choreographed weirdness.

Starting off in the depths of an underground railway, the video transitions into a bright white subway carrier showing what at first appears to be sleepy travellers, soon however it becomes apparent they’re locked in a hypnotised state. Yorke however, seated near the middle of the carriage shows signs he’s struggling to keep in synch with their creepy jolting head movements but has no power of his own. For a brief moment he catches the eye of a girl (Dajana Roncione) who’s also broken free of the spell.

When the train arrives at the station however he’s thrust away through the hoard of people, he continues to anxiously progresses through multiple levels and dimensions while being pushed around by a strange and psychotic unknown gravitational forces.

At first intimidated by his surroundings he grows increasingly free of it’s control, even at times appearing he’s controlling the environment around him. It is then that he is re-united with Roncione where they head on a flirtatious yet robotic adventure. To see how it ends watch it now on Netflix, but you can get a taste of the preview and listen to the album right now below.

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