Tiesto’s VER:WEST Alias Returns With ‘Elements Of A New Life’

Teased through various live events and radio shows, “Elements Of A New Life,” is here for the masses to enjoy. Released by VER:West, the chill vibes blended with a trance nature will grip many in a therapeutic way that few tracks can do. What some know, but many do not, is VER:West is Tiesto’s alias to express a more deeper, relaxed, and experimental vibration he is toying with as of late. You can sense the “Tiesto,” present in, “Elements Of A New Life,” but there’s a wash of what may be best described as “organic,” that’s also included in the meld.

Many see the track as a re-birth of what he did went he started over 2-decades ago, a tribute to his early trance days that allowed him to break into the scene and become the global superstar he is today. VER:West only has 2 tracks to the name, one released last year in July and now another in July 2021.

Always able to both maintain relevancy and find was to push the envelope through surprises such as this, the VER:West movement continues to trigger curiosity and turn heads in an ever evolving/diversifying music genre.




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