Timmy Trumpet & Florian Picasso Unite On Catchy, Uptempo ‘Armageddon’

The world might be frozen in a lull of inactivity amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, but Timmy Trumpet remains unimpeded in his musical output. Fresh off the viral psy-themed ‘911‘ with R3hab, Timmy partners next with veteran Florian Picasso on the more melodic and upbeat ‘Armageddon’.

Featuring Josh Cumbee on vocals (from ‘Sunny Days‘ fame with Armin van Buuren), ‘Armageddon’ sees warm arpeggios stacked over indelible melodies, and masterfully executed vocal chops sprinkled over the hardcore-infused drop to top it all off. Timmy Trumpet’s influence is evident in the unmistakable 150 BPM pace, while Florian Picasso’s melodic prowess makes it one that’s hard to forget. If the fast beat isn’t the right vibe for your chill listening sessions, fret not, for a Timmy Trumpet chill mix accompanies the original mix. Pick your version for the right mood!





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