Tise Jones drops Sensational and Seductive ‘Lonely’

A fast-rising wave of soul seduction takes lift-off on the newest record from Tise Jones, the next Australian export to tantalize into our conscious. Over the last decade — or even more — it seems that Australia has been the breeding ground for some of the freshest electronic acts to grace the genre and, often, their sound is pinned to a breezy, emotive waviness that’s quite uplifting with ease and the lack of self-indulgence. Maybe it’s the isolation of the country continent and the nature of its citizens to have a positive outlook, despite the formidable outback or the turbulent climate that plagues the global society. Whatever it may be, Australia keeps breathing out new artistic geniuses. With the release of “Lonely”, I can confidently say Tise Jones is set to join the scores of buzzworthy Australian acts like the global sensations Tame Impala and RÜFÜS DU SOL, the trendy-darlings Lastlings and Willaris. K, and — of course — Tise’s brother, What So Not.

Tise Jones has been around for only a moment, which has seen him drop two remixes and — now — three singles. Despite his career infancy, it’s clear that there is a truth to his work that lays the foundation to build an extraordinary artist. One that is able to capture raw, honest emotion that guides listeners into the arms of a connection and feeling affixed to his music and identity. It’s why Triple J has supported the young artist and they know a thing or two about unearthing gems from Australia.

In a debut of sorts, “Lonely” marks a drastic shift for Tise Jones. His past work has fallen into a roaring, bassier sound designed to illuminate clubs with fiery passion; whereas, “Lonely” falls into a jovial, fluttering pathway of sound while debuting his vocal work. The change is one that I appreciate and feel shows an even higher level of talent and artistry. To successfully create a indie-dance pop amalgamation is no easy feat and rightfully compares to Nick Murphy when he was still Chet Faker.

There’s something about “Lonely” that simply sticks to you, giving a feeling of wanting more, which translates to playing the record countless times throughout the day and, soon, the rest of the year. At the core, is a feeling of warmth that is intoxicating and binds to your skin like the dew of early morning on a hot summer day. That feeling carries throughout as Jones’s voice guides you through the sonic cosmos as the delicate sound tingles the inner ear and glides effortlessly from note to note. It’s simply a brilliant record that breaks the cold, shallow digital world of DSPs and grabs you with true connective barbs.

Tise Jones may be at the beginnings of his career, but he understands how to build a sonic narrative that is truly spellbinding, highlighting an artist that is comfortable telling his story. He is definitely one that we will be talking about for years to come, joining the ranks of Aussies that have shaped the global culture.

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