TJR Drops Double Shake That EP Via Spinnin’

A truly experienced DJ and producer, TJR has established himself as a prominent name in dance music within the past decade, releasing music as early as 2005. His career exploded after dancefloor bangers with the likes of Dillon Francis, VINAI, Cardi B, Fatman Scoop, and Benji Madden, and led to performances in the world’s most prominent festivals, among them Ultra Music Festival and EDC. 

Now, after two independently-released originals in 2020, TJR is back on Spinnin’ Records with double EP, Shake That. Lead single “Shake That” is a catchy dancefloor anthem, filled with quirky sound design, high-energy drumwork, and energetic vocals, while B-side “Acid Power” takes things back to TJR’s roots with long buildups and groovy Roland TB-303 acid basslines. 

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