Tommy Trash Is Finally Back With Amazing New Single ‘So Long’

It’s been just over a year since the Aussie’s last release; ‘Ripper’. Tommy has now revealed ‘So Long’ together with Thief, landing on TMRW Music’s Hussle sub-label.

Tommy Trash, who is behind some of the best tracks in dance music history has taken a step away from the music scene the past few years, not releasing consistently since 2017. With tracks such as ‘Reload’ and ‘Sunrise’ as well as out of this world remixes of ‘Antidote’, ‘Ladi Dadi’ and ‘The Veldt’ – Trash has truly had an incredible impact on dance music.

“I wrote this song a long time ago before going through a big change in my life,” explains Trash. “It now feels really pertinent to our times. I’m glad to finally get this out into the world.”

‘So Long’ sees him showcase his pop sensibilities alongside an uplifting house track and is just one taste of what’s to come from Trash in 2020. The track is a melodic and uplifting journey which showcases Trash’s breadth of production style and prowess.

The name is quite ironic, as Tommy Trash has been away for ‘So Long’. If Tommy Trash is reading this; now that you’re back – please can we get some of those ID’s (especially the Never Be Like You ID)!

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