Tony Chevy Makes Waves With New Summer Anthem “Lights On”

Formerly known as Gabriel Antonio, Tony Chevy is undoubtedly an experienced musician with unmatched hit-making ability. Under his former alias, the US-based artist released R&B hit “I Love The Way” back in 2010; a smooth song that was featured on MTV and has been recently gaining traction on booming platform TikTok. Tony Chevy followed up the impressive single with two successful studio albums, as well as a tour with superstar Kesha in 2017, cementing his superstar status. 

Now, the talented artist has released his first single in a while as Tony Chevy, and it couldn’t be more worth the wait. Titled “Lights On” and coming along with a club remix, Tony Chevy’s latest joint is a summery and lush vibe all around. Starting off with smooth guitars and dancehall-inspired percussion, “Lights On” comes together masterfully with Tony Chevy’s unique vocal lines and will definitely become the soundtrack of the summer for many. 




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