Top 10 With Belinda: Spanish Films

Belinda Schüll, commonly known as Belinda, is a Mexican singer, songwriter, and actress. At a very early age, Belinda showed an incredible talent for singing, acting, and writing, and shooting home videos. At 7 years old she was casted in her first telenovela, ¡Amigos x Siempre!, produced by Televisa in Mexico, and she was featured on the soundtrack. Since then, her career has sought out global success, making her face and name a recognizable force in the entertainment industry in film, TV, and music. Her four studio albums, singles, and soundtracks have sold over 3 million copies making her the third-best-selling female Mexican act. The international press has named her the “Princess of Latin Pop.”

There’s simply no denying her impact on Latin culture and its why we’re so honored to have caught up with her in the present day. Combining forces with Showtek and Nacho on their new single ‘Mamacita’ we couldn’t have found a better time to connect with Belinda and get her top 10 Spanish Films.

1. Roma

A really smart movie, but at the same time sensitive and realistic.’ 

2. Y Tu Mamá También

Cuaron makes a really good gender analysis to give Luisa’s character a voice, I really like this movie a lot.’

3. Amores Perros

This movie is a representation of love in her three different stages of existence, youth, maturity and old age.’

4. Los Olvidados

Symbolism, religion and hopelessness.

5. El Crimen del Padre Amaro

It breaks a thematic taboo

6. El Laberinto Del Fauno (Mexican director)

Magical! so beautiful and real at the same time.

7. El Angel Exterminador

A really surrealistic movie!’ 

8. La Jaula De Oro

Vulnerability and reality.

9. Tempestad

It gives the opportunity to admire women in a really profound and transcendental way.

10. La Camarista

A portrait of the employment situation of many women. An amazing story.

Be sure to Stream or Download Belinda’s newest single together with Showtek and Nacho.




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