Top 5 Music Videos of April – The Chainsmokers, Hot Chip, Loopers & More

5. The Chainsmokers – Do You Mean (Lyric Video) ft. Ty Dolla $ign, bülow

The Chainsmokers’ new lyric video for their track “Do You Mean” featuring established rapper Ty Dolla $ign and up-and-comer bülow has already gotten a lot of traction. Within just the first week of it’s release it’s racked up over three million views and four thousand comments.  The video features unique visuals, showing silky white beach sand and blue skies, strongly enhancing the listening experience.

4. Hot Chip – Hungry Child

It’s rare we come across a video with as much production quality as this.  Hot Chip’s video for their single “Hungry Child”, off their upcoming album perfectly captures fun spirit of the track.  At over eight minutes long, the video portrays a young a couple struggling to find the source of the music. As the song plays, the couple is seen driving themselves insane trying to locate it’s source.  The comedic nature of the video is what makes it such a good compliment to the song.

3. Billie Eilish – you should see me in a crown

Since its release in April, the innovative music video for Billie Eilish’s “you should see me in a crown” has seen massive success, accumulating a massive twenty-three million views in just the first few weeks of its release.  The video, animated by creative visionary Takashi Murakami, shows an animated Billie Eilish soaring through space. The unique style of the video has made it a fan favorite.

2. Loopers – Feel It

The music video for bass house wiz-kid Loopers was posted on the STMPD Records YouTube account in mid-April.  Since then, its been viewed nearly a hundred thousand times, and the track itself has reached the number one position on Beatport.  Produced by CineCult, the video features bright. abstract color flashes and smokey video clips of Loopers behind a dark background.

1. Jonas Aden – I Don’t Speak French (Aideu)

Norwegian DJ-producer Jonas Aden’s latest single “I Don’t Speak French”, released last week on Tiesto’s Musical Freedom label, the video portrays an older couple in a chase around Paris with a police officer.  The video is highly comedic, and doesn’t take itself too seriously, which adds to the already lighthearted spirit of the house track.




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