Remix Radar 003: Featuring Odesza, Paul Woolford, and Mihalis Safras

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I proudly bring you Remix Radar 003. Last week was a smorgasbord of remix offerings from all-star producer/DJs with the likes of Diplo and A-Trak serving up massive tunes. This week I am dubbing it the ‘Rise of the Unknowns’. Only a couple artists contained within have touring artist status. In other words, the artists featured are still growing and haven’t hit their peaks. Hopefully, this Remix Radar shines a light on a new artist for you to stan. Without further ado, Remix Radar 003.

Hot Chip – Hungry Child (Paul Woolford Sunrise mix)

‘Hungry Child’ is Hot Chip’s latest offering—a dance tune radiating the playful euphoria for which these indie darlings are known. And now, they’ve presented a bold yet controlled rework of the track from the deft touch of living legend Paul Woolford. The result is a prime cut of minimal piano house that’s sure to nourish the soul on a summer night.

Claptone ft. TENDER – Stay the Night (Mihalis Safras Remix)

Claptone employs Greek, tech-house aficionado, Mihalis Safras, to provide a sizzling remix for the fifth and final part of the ‘Fantast’ Remixes. The award-winning producer flips ‘Stay The Night’ into a playful, yet roaring track full of gooey vibes that we’ve come to expect from Mihalis. This a perfect track to awake a party.

If you haven’t already, give the entire ‘Fantast’ Remix Pack a listen. There are quite a few gems.

Yotto – Hyperfall (Remixed)

I am already breaking the rather arbitrary rules I set at the start (sorry!) and I am including the entire remix pack for Yotto’s ‘Hyperfall’. It was too hard to pick a single remix to include in this week’s Remix Radar because each and every remix offers something new, refreshing, and exciting to Yotto’s discography, as well as, dance music as a whole. Shout out to Anja Schneider, Kevin de Vries, Monkey Safari, Cholé, Ruede Hagelstein, and SØNIN for creating an exquisite remix pack.

Example – All Night (Sam Bird Remix)

Sam Bird, a newcomer to the scene, serves up a sizzling remix of Example’s ‘All Night’. The burgeoning producer keeps the relative house, shoe-gazing vibe from the original, but adds spicy bass oscillations to raise the overall energy. Sam’s remix feels designed for a dark, grimy club devoid of neon and lasers.

Flux Pavilion Ft. Layna- Symphony (GLD Remix)

It takes pure, unfiltered talent to provide a stellar facelift to a legend of the game’s work. Fairly new to the scene, GLD, does just that and provides a glistening dubstep remix of Flux Pavilion’s ‘Symphony’ featuring Layna. The duo rework ‘Symphony’ with riot-inducing womps and screeching guitar chords that add a new layer of energy. This remix is destined to appear in many bass and dubstep DJ sets.

Todd Terry – Bounce To the Beat (Steve Lawler’s 3.1 Elements Remix)

Todd Terry did not earn the monicker “Todd The God” by chance. The man is a titan of house music. He is a big reason why we have electronic music as we know it today and he deserves our adoration and respect. This past Friday, “Todd The God” re-released his hit ‘Bounce to the Beat” that includes a remaster of the original plus two Steve Lawler remixes. The whole offering is tantalizing, but in particular, I thoroughly enjoyed Steve Lawler’s 3.1 Elements Remix. Give the whole package a listen. Todd deserves it.


RAC – We Belong Together ft. Katie Herzig (Odesza Remix)

This week’s Remix Radar has been all about star artists bringing forth relatively unknowns with remixes. In honor of this, I present one of the first remixes done by – now legends – Odesza. EASILY, one of my top 5 played songs of 2015. This song is perfection. It’s as if the synths and delicate percussions is wrapping its web of euphoria around my soul making everything great on a cloudy day. One can see why Odesza are superstars in 2019.




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