Remix Radar 001: Jaydon Lewis, Rudimental, Digitalism & More

Today marks the first official edition of Remix Radar. We’ll be sharing our favorite remixes of the past week each Tuesday, starting–well–today! It’ll be an eclectic collection of remixes that’ve tickled my fancy over the preceding week, with no restrictions on genre, style, artist, etc. Just dope tunes to start the week.

Please keep in mind that this is merely the first edition—this will serve as a jumping-off point for a continually evolving series. We’ll make minor tweaks for improvement as we go along, in order to provide the best possible experience for the fans. I hope you enjoy this week’s remixes and be sure to leave a comment or shoot us an email with your thoughts or remix recommendations 🙂

Young Bombs – Starry Eyes (Jaydon Lewis Remix)

We have stanned Jaydon Lewis for quite some time. We were happy to discover that Young Bombs added his name to their ‘Starry Eyes’ remix. The 18 year-old serenades the listener with an experimental trap banger featuring a vocal chop and bass oscillation that we’ve only seen from the likes of Skrillex and DJ Snake. The kid has T-A-L-E-N-T. Young Bombs score big points bringing Jaydon on-board their debut remix pack on Astralwerks.

Zara Larsson – Don’t Worry About Me (Rudimental Remix)

Rudimental make a dramatic return to the remix space with their take on Zara Larsson’s ‘Don’t Worry About Me’. The British four-piece rework the track into a hypnotic, funk splashed UK house remix made to shake booties.

I 100% need a Zara Larsson and Rudimental collaboration. They pair better than milk and cookies.

Mixhell & Joe Goddard – Killer Whale (Digitalism Remix)

Digitalism add an impressive remix to their discography with their psychedelic, funkalicious remix of ‘Killer Whale’ by Mixhell and Joe Goddard. The German duo spin ‘Killer Whale’ full of mind-melting goodness, perfect for hypnotizing a pod of Killer Whales. Play this one when you’re with Daft Punk and Justice fanboys.

I also suggest giving Mixhell a listen. Their original work is wonderful.

Jonas Blue ft. Theresa Rex – What I Like About You (M-22 Remix)

Jonas Blue released ‘What I Like About You’ a little over a month ago and has accumulated over 21 million streams (DAMN!). Jonas seemingly can do no wrong and that includes entrusting M-22 with a Remix. The German duo transforms the track into a roaring club mix destined to invoke wavey parties on the dance floor.

Eskei83 ft. Sam King – Make The Record Skip (WiDE AWAKE Remix)

Trap and Bass aficionados, WiDE AWAKE, make an incendiary splash on Eskei83’s remix pack for ‘Make The Record Skip’. Save this record for when you need to get hyped up or when you need to be wide awake as the duo’s monicker implies.


Full Crate x Mar – Nobody Else (Sebastian Carter Remix)

Today’s remix from the vault comes from Swiss producer, Sebastian Carter. The relatively obscure producer creates a deep and sultry vibe from Full Crate and Mar’s deep house bop, ‘Nobody Else’. It’s a delectable beat for late night snacking.

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