Travis Scott Opens Up In Netflix Documentary ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’

Travis Scott dropped a documentary called ‘Look Mom I Can Fly‘ via Netflix this week, the feature-length picture reveals a new side to the star. From the birth of his daughter to being arrested for inciting a riot, we see how pivotal moments in his life played out in real-time and learn about the people who helped make him into who he is.

Fans get an insight into the man behind the artist, Jacques Webster who proudly hails from Houston, Texas. Spanning everything from family life with his well-known girlfriend, Kyle Jenner through to his insanely energized live performances, and the moment he heard Drake’s verse on SICKOMODE for the first time.

This documentary gets up close and personal, showing us the thoughts and emotions of one of the most private A-List talents during some of the most defining moments for him not only as an artist but as a person.

We learn about his motivations to get into music and his early upbringing as well as a behind the scenes window into the energized live performances and by the time we see the Grammys we feel the pain of going o/3 at the Grammys.

It’s not a standard puff piece about how good he is, its a real-life window into how he made his dream a reality and what he’s built. Largely centred around the process of his Grammy-nominated album, ASTROWORLD, and his label Cactus Jack. The film flashes between moments with childhood friends, teachers as well as his sessions finishing off tracks or perfecting his stage presence.

Throughout watching the documentary we see the work, growth and effort Scott put in to get where he is. Documenting his disappointment in his Grammy loss to Cardi B and how he picked himself back up is his message. He wants to inspire the youth not to give up and neither is he, so next time he’s nominated for a Grammy I’m hoping he wins.

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