Trio-talent unite under Panthers Groove

Blackcode is in the spotlight once again, joining forces with Envyro and Morell Brown on their latest release; “Wild.”

In recent months the Italian producer Blackcode has become synonymous with quality progressive house, gathering millions of listeners worldwide and setting himself apart from the crowd with bright and exciting sound design and crunchy rhythmic basslines.

“Wild” has no shortage of atmosphere, beginning with Morell Brown’s charismatic vocals atop a rhythmic acoustic guitar and warm synth textures driving the track forward. The break catches listeners’ attention through a build in intensity and sends them on a truly unique progressive house journey, a testament to Envyro and Blackcode’s production skills. Inspiring leads combined with compelling drum and bass elements promise repeat listens for enthusiasts of the genre.

This is the first release of Blackcode on Panther’s Music and looks to be the beginning of a strong partnership. Be sure to listen to “Wild” in one of the links below:




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