Tritonal And Henry Dark Combine For Prog Trancer, ‘Shivohum’

Tritonal’s musical journey has been long and winding, seamlessly drifting to genres and leaving their mark in each. Their previous release; ‘Never Be The Same‘, marked their much-awaited return to a genre they were once known for: progressive. While promoting their single, they mentioned how it was this genre (a mix of prog house and trance) within which they found their true calling – the genre which they loved making the most.

They’ve since been true to themselves, and their latest is a testament to that. A collaboration with trance maestro Henry Dark (who has seen releases on Tritonal’s own Enhanced Progressive among others), ‘Shivohum’ is a progressive trance smasher that’s a true testament to their creative genius.

A spectacular blend of exotic vocals, stellar sound design and a captivating melody, ‘Shivohum’ combines the best of both artists’ styles. Vocal chops reminiscent of early 2010s Tritonal seep through the mix, while Henry Dark’s seductive supersaws capture the melodic allure of the tune perfectly.

The standout feature of this tune, however, is obviously the exotic vocals on offer. A reflection of their own journey toward spirituality through yoga and meditation, the lyrics were written by Tritonal themselves in Sanskrit and Hindi.

Chants of ‘Shivohum’ fill up your speakers before leading up to a pure, euphoric melodic drop with some lovely dynamics. A few glitchy fills in the middle exude that prog house Tritonal sound, while soft arps which fill the highs are characteristically Henry Dark.

A fantastic interplay between these two artists, ‘Shivohum’ is a prime example of why progressive trance is as big as it is today. A delicate combination of piercing emotional appeal and thrilling mainstage suitability make this tune one for the books – right on top of the author’s weekly New Music Friday playlist.




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