Tritonal & Linney Share Euphoric Summer Anthem With ‘Electric Kids’

2020 might not have boasted the usual summer festival season, but that hasn’t stopped Texan duo Tritonal from unleashing progressive house anthem after anthem over the past few months. Their latest is a vocal-driven single, featuring Enhanced stalwart vocalist Linney. Originally set to be premiered at Ultra 2020 on their ASOT stage debut, ‘Electric Kids’ brilliantly melds the genres of progressive trance, progressive house and electro house, while retaining the hallmark Tritonal sound from the earlier years of the last decade. The parallels don’t end just there; the Extended Mix of this tune clocks in at nearly seven minutes in length, almost unheard of in the current EDM era. Yet, every second of those seven minutes is purposeful, from the raw basslines that make up the intro and outro, to the warmhearted, soaring verses to the thrumming, supersaw-replete drops.

The track (in the Extended Mix) begins with a bassline worthy of only the biggest sub-woofers, in a clear tribute to the progressive trance sound they rekindled in themselves with the release of ‘Valkyrie‘. Thick, detuned leads transport you squarely in front of a mainstage, just as a lull in the frenzy brings in Linney’s iconic voice. Famed for her mid-2010s hits ‘Voices‘ and ‘Safe‘ on Enhanced, Linney sings of living in the moment, surrounded by song and dance. The euphoric emotions culminate with the drop, dripping with melody and roaring with energy.

‘Electric Kids’ marks Tritonal’s sixth single this year, each of which has seen them pay homage to their roots in progressive trance and progressive house. While the trend of the similarly styled cover artworks may hint at something bigger looming in the horizon, it’s indisputable that Tritonal are at their best in 2020.




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