Trivecta Pioneers ‘Folk Bass’ With Genre-Fusing ‘Everyday EP’

It’s quite often that you’ll hear artists’ musical inspirations popping up in the music they produce, but likely not as pronounced as in Trivecta’s debut ‘Everyday’ EP. In the course of four dexterously-crafted tracks, the Ophelia regular imbues surreal folk and indie vibes into the familiar realm of melodic bass. The result is an innovative and novel sub-genre that Trivecta aptly dubs ‘folk bass’.

The EP begins with a wonderful instrumental prelude that leads gently into the lead single, ‘Leave It All Behind’. Not only do the folk-sounding vocals stand out, but the four-on-the-floor beat that drives this song and its successor is rather rare in the genre. In fact, ‘Wasteland’ seems to draw on elements of progressive house! Concluding with the titular track in collaboration with Rico & Miella (a duo who Trivecta has remixed before), the Everyday EP seems to herald Trivecta’s new and inspired sound, which seems to have found a comfortable home in Ophelia.





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