Indie-Rock Artist Tuvaband Releases Melodic Piano-Infused Single ‘Something Good’

Hailing from Norway, indie-rock artist Tuvaband has exponentially grown her following since the debut of her project. Gaining recognition on an international scale, Tuvaband has accumulated over 40 million streams on Spotify alone. Not only is she a gifted multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, but Tuvaband is also an well-recognized producer as well.

With an unprecedented style and sense of creativity, Tuvaband recently received a Norwegian Grammy nomination for her incredible work as an artist. Bolstering her impressive resume, she now releases “Something Good”, a mesmerizing indie-pop anthem. Wasting no time, the song opens with Tuvaband’s chilling lyrics as she plays an emotion-driven chord progression on the piano. Throughout “Something Good”, her delicate lyrics tell an optimistic story of a person who believes that something good will happen.

The positive outlook embodied by “Something Good” is an aura that Tuvaband gives off as an artist too. When listening to Kat Bush’s “Cloudbusting” over and over again during the pandemic, one of the lines inspired Tuvaband to write this track. Accompanied by a breathtaking music video, “Something Good” encompasses beautiful echoing effects and a dreamy instrumental that truly represents something great.




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