Two Can Are Back With A Fresh New Sound: “Gonna Be”

Undeniably catchy and uplifting, with an emotional edge, Two Can’s new release “Gonna be” is a song for everyone who loves a love story. Contemporary and classy in its production standard, the song captures listeners’ attention immediately through catchy melodies. Its upbeat rhythm make it danceable while its intimate and meaningful lyrics draw listeners into its storyline, setting the scene of a couple, freshly in love. A beautiful take on this exciting uncertainty in life that many can relate to, the work forms a vivid example of great songwriting and energetic sonances combined.

Less the average “happily-ever-after” singalong and more a love letter with an open end, “Gonna Be” turns out to be a song of hope, full of positive vibes and the kind of song that can make one dance and cry at the same time.

Stream “Gonna Be” Below:




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