TWO LANES Drop Sublime EP ‘Lights’

One of the hottest talents to come out of the Berlin indie-electronic scene in recent years, brother’s duo TWO LANES have undoubtedly left they’re mark on the music industry, one fresh track at a time. Following their last successful release ‘Never Enough’ on bitbird’s label, the producer duo, known for their distinctive classically-influenced electronic style, are back with another powerful release, taking the form of a strong body of work: Lights.

The single is a tasteful combination of live-instruments and analog synthesizers, displaying just how forward thinking the duo is. With all six tracks inspired by different places and time, highlights include charismatic works and singles such as ‘Wide Awake’, ‘Closer’, ‘Never Enough’ and ‘The Rest Is Noise’, the last of which was created last Winter, and fuses guitar patterns with various sounds from a Prophet REV2 synthesiser.

“The songs on the EP are all strongly influenced by the impressions and memories we are experiencing here. We feel that the surrounding has an immediate impact on our sound, the way we make music, and how we perceive it – and vice versa. Music can also transform the way you experience certain moments or shed alighton old memories…” – TWO LANES

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