tyDi Links With Geena Fontanella For ‘Nerve’

With 15 years in the industry and one of the most notable dance acts in Australia, tyDi has seen, heard and done it all. The veteran now aims to bring some light into this dark year with ‘Nerve’.

tyDi effortlessly bridges the worlds of electronic and pop music using bright analog synthesizers and punchy 808 drums for his latest single. tyDi manages to blend elements from the 80’s dance era with an attitude-laden performance conducive to today’s pop and creates an uplifting dance pop track just in time for summer. tyDi enlisted American Idol finalist and songwriter, Geena Fontenella for ‘Nerve’ to help bring the lyrics to life. ‘Nerve’ acts as an anthem for the overarching feeling we all have for 2020.

After connecting with Geena last year on ‘Wrap Me Up’, tyDi had to recruit her again for this one. On both records, her vocals take them to the next level!

On the release of ‘Nerve’, tyDi stated; “As songwriters we sometimes speak for other people and what they might be feeling. We wrote this song for people who don’t always stand up for themselves. The ones who might feel taken for granted. The people who are the loudest say they’ve “fallen on their sword”. But the people who are the loudest shouldn’t be the only voice in the room. We added the line “I know that we want the same” as a nod to our shared humanity — sometimes it helps to remember we’re all just human in the end.”




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