tyDi Releases Anthemic Indie Dance Pop Track ‘New Normal’ With Bella Renee

Australian producer tyDi has seen, heard and done it all. Through his extensive discography, including five full-length albums, countless singles, remixes, and EPs across diverse genres, he’s topped global charts, toured the world and continues to make an indelible mark on the music world. As an artist, tyDi’s honesty and authenticity to his fans has set him apart from other artists whether he is communicating with his fans through social media or songwriting. Now, tyDi is back unleashing an infectious anthemic indie dance pop single titled, ‘New Normal’ with vocalist Bella Renee in response to COVID-19 and the toll the pandemic lockdown has had on him as an artist and as a person living through the pandemic.

‘New Normal’ serves as a message that we are not alone in our feelings of isolation. The song came to fruition when vocalist Bella Renee flew to L.A. and met with tyDi in his studio. The pair spent the entire weekend exploring their feelings and sentiments towards the pandemic and the toll it has had on them as artists mentally and physically. 

“We all know that 2020 has been extremely different, I thought I had my whole year planned out but as things changed I found myself struggling with the right words to put on paper. People who follow me know that I write all my songs from scratch, I’m a songwriter at heart. Telling stories through music is my passion, so when I’m lost for words it’s really messed up. I sat down with Bella in L.A. to write this song and we were scratching out all our thoughts and feelings about quarantine. I ended up talking about how I’m always in a love / hate relationship with the songs I put out. Then suddenly the concept hit me, that’s what I’m going to talk about!! This song is quite literally about how hard it is to write a song in 2020, I got to ‘vent’, it felt so awesome that I ended up producing this really uplifting drop that’s probably my best this year. And we talk about that in the song! Total inception style – ‘New Normal’ is a song about itself, and from the writer’s perspective it’s saying “I’ve hated every song I’ve done this year except this one.” I’ve never made a song before where the lyrics are about the song you’re listening to. Sure it’s weird, but it’s honest!” – tyDi




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