Tyzo Bloom Shares Imaginative “Random Thoughts” EP

Tyzo Bloom, aka Casey Chen, has made a name for himself with his hypnotizing indie electronic ballads. Casey cut his teeth in Japan where he was classically trained in the piano. Now he calls LA home and is finding more and more ways to express himself musically. In 2019 Tyzo released his very well received “You Drive Me Crazy, Don’t Leave” EP. Throughout the last few months, he’s been unveiling it’s follow up. “Random Thoughts” is a 6 song collection of indie, electronic, and hip hop soundscapes.

Random Thoughts is a collection of my scattered mind. I wanted to showcase a slice of my life and the thoughts that were running in my head. Some keeping me up at night and some make me feel ecstatic.”  – Casey

The EP features a plethora of vocalists and styles that highlights Casey’s proclivity for producing. From the dreamy indie pop “BEDROOM” ft. Minke to the alternative leaning “TV” ft. Pom Pom Squad, a hip hop jam with “Tom Cruise” and the bedroom pop anthem “I’m Not Okay” ft. meija. With the variety of styles, “Random Thoughts” has a little bit for everyone. Check it out below and keep your eye on Tyzo Bloom as he continues to make moves.





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