Ukiyo Releases Spectacular Self-titled Debut Album

Many great acts have come from Australia including Tame Impala, Flume, and Kylie Minogue. We have another act on the cusp of greatness rising from the isolated island nation and continent. His name is Ukiyo and he has been releasing some absolute gems over the past couple of years. Today, he has released his self-titled debut LP via trendsetting indie label, Pack Records. The thirteen-track album is Ukiyo’s most cohesive work to date and takes listeners down a path through wondrous sounds that will mesmerize and tantalize.

Prior to the album, Ukiyo has built his name on the back of a sound that blurs the lines of genre-specifications. At times, it’s melodic, others a bit progressive with trance highlights, and other times it’s so brazen that it is nothing short of fresh and unique. A great example of his genre-fluidity is “Good Enough” and the album’s debut single. He builds a line of punchy beats decorated with flowy alluring synths that has a House feel, but isn’t quite house nor would it be something from the underground or commercial electronic scene. What it is, is Ukiyo at his finest point, galavanting across genre elements like an amoeba molding to fill a celestial body to create a beautiful sound.

On the LP, Ukiyo’s sound shines through establishing that genre classifications are broken and what truly matters is a cohesive sound that is uniquely him. He opens with “Stars”, sending listeners down a 40-minute galactic wormhole of shimmering synths and prickly poignant sound design. The entire LP is nothing short of incredible with moments of pure bliss interspersed with raw emotive barbs that latch directly to listeners’ souls. There are also points of rambunctious vibes built on a heavier dose of bass and distortion that is reminiscent of Flume’s debut LP. At the heart of all this, is an artist that is unafraid of being himself and exposing an intimate side to public judgment. In doing so, it unlocks a transformative experience.

Ukiyo had this to share about the album:

This album begun as a pretty big endeavour, one that frankly I didn’t think I’d pull off at times. But as it developed, I met more and more people in the creation process and it just became a big showcase of something created by me and my friends.

Ukiyo has proven that staying true to a sound that provides spellbinding textures and fascinating depth will bring about a special album. With the release of his self-titled album, he sets the stage to be a global breakout act and one that many will wait for with anticipation to see and hear what he does next. Australia’s next star is here and his name is Ukiyo.

To stream Ukiyo’s self-titled album, scroll down or follow the link here.






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