ULTRA Gives Back With Award-Winning ‘Mission Home’ Sustainability Program

ULTRA has always been known to put on the largest and most innovative music festivals across the world. Over the last few years, the global brand has proved that they are much more than just a flagship event. Specifically, ULTRA’s ‘Mission: Home’ Sustainability Program is leading the charge for companies making a positive environmental impact.

To start, ‘Mission: Home’ has been presented with numerous awards from the Florida Festivals and Events Association, such as 1st place Volunteer Program and 2nd place in the Sustainability Program category along with the Education Program. Adding to its recognition, Miami-based renowned non-profit Debris Free Oceans verified ‘Mission: Home’ as the, “most extensive sustainability program across leading U.S. electronic music festivals.” Another big accomplishment for this ULTRA project was becoming the first festival of its size in the United States to be verified by worldwide NGO Oceanic Global’s Blue Standard Program.

With five main duties, the program aims to reduce waste, prevent pollution, preserve nature, engage with the community, and take beneficial action toward our climate. Every person that plays a role in ULTRA’s objectives realizes the importance of ‘Mission: Home’. In fact, ULTRA’s founder and CEO Russell Faibisch has announced that “[the] ‘Mission: Home’ program has become part of the fabric of our organization. I was thrilled to see it return with us this year and could not be more proud to be recognized as an industry leader in this space.”

Showing exponential growth since its emergence into the event industry, ULTRA promises to allocate more and more resources towards sustainability projects like ‘Mission: Home’. Their dedication and philanthropy as an organization are inspiring to companies of all sizes when it comes to making the world a better and safer place.




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