Ultra Will Return To Bayfront Park in 2020

After last years change to Virginia Key, which could have done better and a year of negotiations in order to get back home; the Miami City Commission voted today on a contract that would return Ultra Music Festival to Bayfront Park in 2020. After hours of deliberation, which included testimonials from the public and city leaders, the commission voted 3-2 in favor of the proposal. Although there was quite a lot of opposition for Ultra returning, ultimately it was passed.

Some new restrictions will need to be introduced, such as the elimination of the Biscayne stage, with the removal of other stages a possibility. The maximum decibel level will need to be lowered to 102dB. Ultra will also need to pay $308,000 in fees owed to the city for police and fire expenses – down from $475,000. They will need to end the event at midnight each night, and leave the children’s park and dog park open throughout the majority of Bayfront Park’s closure – this may cause the spider resistance stage to be in doubt for the next iteration.

Commissioner Carollo and residents of the surrounding areas tried to rejected the proposition – but thankfully were unsuccessful. Overall, the city saw the mass tourism that Ultra generates and that the economy benefits to a degree that is more important then a few disgruntled residents.

Residents of downtown Miami attended today’s public hearing wearing white t-shirts and baseball hats emblazoned with the words “save Bayfront Park.” Ultra supporters highlighted the jobs the festival creates and the income it makes for the city. The music festival has “generated approximately $995 million of economic impact, generating $168 million and creating 1,834 jobs in 2018 alone,” according to Hardemon’s resolution.

After plenty of issues at a new venue last year, this is exactly what Ultra needed to bring their festival back into the limelight. Fans who will travel around the world will be animated regarding this news, as Bayfront Park really is the ultimate venue for an event such as Ultra Music Festival.




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