“Undo” Your Worries with Sarah Kabbani

After rising through the local Australian scene on her own, amassing almost fifteen thousand streams by herself over two past singles, Sarah Kabbani unveils her third studio single in the form of “Undo.” Low-tempo instrumentals and story-driven lyrics are the hallmarks of her latest work. “Undo” digs deep into her psyche and explores what it means to prevail in the face of a messy breakup. 

For some, lyrics aren’t the main attraction for a song and those people will be pleased to find a brilliantly calming composition here. It flows smoothly over the ears and washes over your mind to provide an undeniable sense of calm. The poetry and rhythm to Sarah’s ballad provides a unique double-edge sword which satisfies both the mind and the soul. Listeners looking for deeper meaning will find it in spades while those looking for the lo-fi calmness to ease their nerves will also find something to enjoy here. Whatever your needs are, “Undo” will help you reach them. Steam it now using the links below. 





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