Unitea Partners With Room Service Music Festival for Digital Revenue Program

The goal of the Unitea Music app has been clear since its introduction in 2019: to create fan/artist relationships innovatively by uniting people with the community they enjoy. With live events being put on hold for the remainder of 2020, Unitea is using its reward-based, experiential model to keep this movement alive while helping artists through its new Artist Digital Revenue System.

An example of this, Unitea has partnered with the Room Service Music Festival over the past weekend. Unitea rewards its users for streaming and sharing the music of their favorite artists using its loyalty currency. Then fans can cash in merchandise or even contact with the artists themselves. Fans will start creating a community and relating to each artist through Artist Crews, group chats.

This new partnership represents Unitea’s latest effort in overhauling how artists can interact with their following, while also offering tangible benefits for users on both the fan and artist sides.

Download the Unitea app HERE, and start streaming your favorite artists now for a chance at redeeming merch, tickets and other giveaways.





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