United Music & Shape Network Come Together Under New Label: Astro Kid

Astro Kid is the brand new imprint coming out of Skövde, Sweden. The independent label was founded by four artists working together under two different brands for several years. Astro Kid contains the best parts from earlier projects merged together (United Music, Shape Network). The founding artists have over 5 million monthly Spotify listeners between them and are not stranger to success in their artist lives.

Many labels focus solely on the music, whilst Astro Kid will be handling everything from music, photos/images, videos all they way to distribution and marketing. With several huge YouTube-channels and popular playlists at streaming services under their belt, they will take the fresh and modern approach to a label, which will be a gamechanger for artists.

With most of their releases garnering over a million streams and some over 10 million; Astro Kid is a label to watch out for and if you’re an artist, hope to sign with them!

We talked with Mike Emilio about starting the new project and the different approach to being a label:

”Artists need to feel free in order to be creative” – We have been focusing on not locking artists down in complicated contract situations with forced options, that is not the right way to motivate artists – good results and a healthy artist to label relationship requires a fair agreement. We are confident in the way we are working which basically means that if you are happy with how your release has been treated at Astro Kid, you are welcome back. We are manually planning all releases in unique ways to make each one of them benefit from having the best conditions possible. We also have fair agreements for royalty revenue, a part that is very important.

In the past years we have been growing YouTube-channels from zero to millions of followers, we have been having releases with hundreds of millions of streams and the traffic is increasing each month. Astro Kid will be the new chapter where we collect everything we have learned in the past. We are always doing things long-term, real traffic and we are always available to help and support the artists and that’s something makes us unique as well.

In the upcoming months we got a lot of interesting releases from very talented artists and we can’t wait to show you what we have been working on. We have built several artists from having no listeners to reaching out to millions of fans, and that’s what motivates us – we love what we are doing and that’s the key.

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