updog Blends Both Rock & Electronic Together For Debut EP ‘balloon boy’

For his debut EP, updog blend electronic and rock elements to create a fusion of sounds throughout his 7 track ‘balloon boy’ EP.

Landing on CloudKid, this EP features harsh but enjoyable sounds from a range of different genres, resulting in a unique collection of singles. The strong vocals are a constant throughout the entire EP, featuring a range of deep and relatable lyrics. Fans of both electronic music and rock, will be fans of these tracks,

updogs music has explored the stages of a process that we’re all too familiar with… growing up. Whether it’s growing apart from people in ‘goodbye’; battling against responsibility in ‘dying breath’; or finding strength to make the right choices in ‘spearhead’, ‘balloon boy’ encompasses this journey perfectly. Manifesting these thoughts and frustrations into his tantalising rocktronic sound, with unforgettable melodies and impressive drops, there’s nothing else we’d rather be listening to right now. 

Updog explains: “balloon boy is a journey following all the trials and tribulations you go through when you’re in the process of becoming an adult and reaching a point in life where you suddenly realize you have lost your real self. We all go through crippling insecurities, addiction, loss of friends, giving up our passions to pursue corporate careers, toxic relationships, etc, and eventually you probably won’t like what you see in the mirror

“‘Hell’ and ‘demons’ are ongoing motifs throughout many updog songs. In a non-religious way, ‘hell’ is something we live through everyday – encompassing everything that ruins us from being ourselves; and ‘demons’ are our own worst qualities – the voice inside our head that holds us back from being the person we’re meant to be. This EP was my therapy. It empowered me and brought a beam of hope, happiness and a change in the way I think. All in all it left me with one key motto to live by: ‘never growing up’. Keep your mind open to new things and changes, but never let go of who you were when you were young.”

This EP left me with one key motto to live by: ‘never growing up’. Keep your mind open to new things and changes, but never let go of who you were when you were young.”

updog’s past success speaks for itself, this latest EP is sure to follow suite and bring millions of listeners on board. Keep an eye out for this talent, he’s sure to make himself known throughout the scene.





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