UZ Releases Remix LP Of His ‘Trinity’ Album Featuring Well-Selected Lineup

After teasing singles beforehand and then unleashing the deluxe version of his album Trinity, trap-legend UZ has dropped a monstrous remix album boasting names like anti., Bailo, Basstrick, bd hbt, chromonicci, Dilip, Great Dane, HWLS, LYNY, sebjin, Shöckface. The solo DJ/producer clearly did his due diligence when it comes to selecting the songs that would make the cut. The 11-tracks conveying a certain gel that makes them feel interconnected, while still maintaining distinctive individuality track to track the well represents each artist who is included.

The LP releases on Quality Good Records and puts the perfect spin on the already rich works that the Trinity album featured.

Between the success of his label, another studio album hitting platforms, and his one-of-a-kind reputation within global electronic music culture, UZ is a staple artist the world needs more of and the scene just wouldn’t be same without.

This is what UZ, in part, had to share regarding the remix album:

We came up with 11 amazing remixes from artists such as Bailo, LYNY, Dilip, HWLS, GreatDane, etc. I couldn’t be happier with the results, but I didn’t want to just release those as a simple remix package.




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