Valentino Khan and Deorro Meet on “¡MAS CRAZY!”

Stretching to their full potential, “¡MAS CRAZY!” sets the tone right for an exceptional year in the music career of Valentino Khan and Deorro; sharing striking similarities, the two had been long requested to collaborate by their fans. A powerhouse of a rhythmic melody, tuneful electric bliss, full of energy and fire, “¡MAS CRAZY!” will take listeners into a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a euphoria where the two emerging talents of the American music industry meet to deliver the groundbreaking track. 

At the core of Valentino Khan and Deorro lies bringing the absolute best for the audience. Sharing a rather mutual fanbase, the dance music heavyweights are ready to deliver the ultimate supreme verve booster. The two DJs first crossed paths during a virtual live stream for EDC during the pandemic and played an impromptu back-to-back set that had fans eagerly anticipating a future performance. Building on that excitement, the two began working on “¡MAS CRAZY!”, a track that perfectly matched their styles. Escape Halloween 2022 proved to be the perfect stage for Deorro and Valentino to reunite and bring their high-energy chemistry to the live audience. The set was highly anticipated and went viral on TikTok, and the premiere of “¡MAS CRAZY!” during their packed back-to-back set at the festival did not disappoint.




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