Valentino Khan Leaves His Mark With New “House Party” EP

For years now, Valentino Khan has manifested himself as a household name within the dance community. Reluctant to bring the party wherever he goes, the producer is known for destroying any dancefloor in front of him. Continuously keeping fans on their toes, his unpredictable and diverse talent has allowed the artist to provide countless festival anthems regardless of genre. His newly released “House Party” EP is a testament to that.

The 6-track project arrives in good faith on the prominent Mad Decent label. Featuring production cameos from Diplo, Chris Lorenzo, and Wuki, this collection of records tackle the concept of modernizing the old-school styles of house music. Delivering enticing melodies, contagious basslines, and infectious drum work along the way, Valentino Khan surely has left his mark in the history of house music with all the club-ready anthems he’s dropped off.

“I set out to make an EP with a simple concept: great house music. Even though it’s been the backbone of dance music, I still have always looked to drive the sound forward. I wanted you to be able to listen to the music anywhere. Driving in the car, in your bedroom, at the club or played out at a festival. I wanted to bring in some collaborators that I felt have always been pushing boundaries in Diplo, Wuki & Chris Lorenzo. So here’s my ‘House Party’ EP. I’m truly proud to release this body of work to the world. Listen to this everywhere and anywhere.” – Valentino Khan

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