Video: Stage Screen Collapses During Concert Injuring More Than 30

Last night during a rap gig in a German open-air venue in the city of Essen, a stage screen collapsed on fans injuring up to 30 people. The event which was headlined by Marteria and Casper brought more than 20,000 fans to its grounds.

The stages huge LED screen on the left-hand side collapsed during the headliners set amid harsh weather with torrential rain and strong winds. In a video uploaded on Twitter seen below, the screen can clearly be seen swinging erratically shortly before the collapse.

Local authorities told the German media that 30 people had been injured in the incident, and among them, two are in a critical condition. The horrific scene caused panic at the end with fans rushing to safety. The show was cancelled after the screen collapsed so that the rescue workers could clear the area.




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