Major Label WMG Reportedly Drops $100M On David Guetta’s Music Catalog

Joe Rogan and Paul Simon aren’t the only star-studded entertainers pulling in 9-figure deals these days, world-renowned dance artist David Guetta has reportedly landed 100M deal with Warner Music for his music catalog. The deal includes his full catalog which dates back over a decade, while also including future releases as well.

With the exact amount not specifically being known, it’s more than $100m and less than $150m, according to digital media outlet Music Business Worldwide.

While it’s more known for back catalogs from many decades prior to be purchased, modern-pop catalogs receiving the same treatment is a relatively new thing. Another example is Bruno Mars having a stake in his catalog be purchased by WMG as well.

The news is a refreshing contrast to the stereotypes of major labels screwing over superstars with deceptive contracts, leaning in quite the opposite direction.

Given the new deal David Guetta is now celebrating, it’s certain we can look forward to new songs from him soon.




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