Warner Music Took Donald Trump’s ‘Photograph’ Tweet Down

In a headline that feels almost like it should belong on satire news site The Onion, US President Trump has managed to make Nickelback look cool. It has been revealed the Trump ‘Photograph’ tweet was removed from the platform due to a copyright claim from Warner Music and pressure from the band.

The tweet in question was targeted at Joe Biden in light of recent scandals developing in US politics. It used the 2005 Nickleback song which became a popular meme in which Nickelback’s lead man Chad Kroeger showing a photo which is edited. In the Trump version Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden is pictured on the golf course with what Trump calls a “Ukraine gas exec”.

It was reported by TorrentFreak that the tweet was taken down at the request of Warner Music, a copy of the DMCA notice can be found below, however, it appears the company decided to issue the removal at the request of Nickelback.

The common copyright notice now appears on the tweet media. “This media has been removed in response to a report by the copyright owner.”

It is also not the first time a Trump has run into problems for using music, he’s had many artists prevent him from using their tracks during his rallies. He also faced legal action from Warner Brothers earlier this year when he posted a fan-made video for his 2020 re-election using Hans Zimmer’s ‘Why Do We Fall?’ from the 2012 Batman film The Dark Knight Rises.




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