Wasback Shares Brand New Tech House Gem “Virus” Feat. Babz Wayne

Ten months into 2021 and Wasback has shared his 5th release with “Virus” featuring Babz Wayne. The 23-year-old dance up-and-comer is only getting started, yet he has amassed millions of streams just this year alone, on top of licensing his independent release “Just Dance” with Warner Music Denmark,  as well as collaborating with Steffy De Cicco and Sam Tinnesz on “Fences” via Universal Music. 

Wasback has a great track record of being able to craft viral dance hits, and “Virus” is bound to become yet another heavy-hitter in his catalog. Driven by Babz Wayne’s cheeky vocal lines, which are nicely complemented with Wasback’s production, the song perfectly ebbs and flows between intoxicating drops and smooth verse sections, something that results in an easy listen with big replay value, as well as a vibe with massive energy for the club and festival stages.




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