WATCH: BLK Requires Your Attention with “Got It”

Bexk, known for her clever wordplay, Lilac X known for her out-of-the-box melodic approach & Korahjay with her lush vocal cadence. Mix it all together & you have BLK – three young female artists of individual prowess who got next. With their debut EP “Girl Magic” set to release late 2020. These women are set to put a spell on your hearts & set trail to a new wave of urban groups for a new generation. During 2020’s quarantine, the trio of Bexk, Lilac X and Korahjay – aka BLK – premiered their debut single ‘Got It.’ The melodic song blends R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop with potent messages of self-worth, unabashed sexuality, and fearless individualism.

The Toronto-based trio BLK is making some exciting, genre-bending music with a much bigger mission in mind.

“We’re a group made up of three singers with our own specific sound and style of writing that is completely different from one another. We are three voices brought together to create a new R&B listening experience” – Bexk

“We each individually bring in unique sounds, and different ways of how we approach making music, and this blend creates something special and unique within itself. It’s almost this exciting element of surprise not only for our audience but for ourselves in the process of making music. You never know what sound you’re going to get next, but you will know it’s BLK.” – Korahjay

With musical influences spanning from Sade, Aaliyah, Jhene Aiko, Lily Allen, and more, this group is competing for your attention and with records like “Got It,” can you really deny them?

“We each individually possess a combination of great skills and different perspectives, it’s more impactful for us to hear all of our ideas and make final decisions together based on what works best for the group. I think because we respect each other and our talents so much that it’s only natural and best we work this way.” – Korahjay

“I think we stand out for our really clear individuality. We are all on opposite sides of the spectrum from sound, to genre, to style. We all create outside of music as well. Our growth and success will extend music, it will stream everywhere. Imagine us as 3 houses built next to each other to form a community rather than 3+ walls forming a singular house; are you seeing what I’m seeing? Migos… she-gos? *explosion*. There are a couple amazing past girl groups that have done the same! But now, and from Canada? Nah b. Are you excited?” – Lilacx





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