WATCH: Drinks On Me Requires Your Attention for Emotive Single “Movies”

Drinks On Me solidifies his standing as one of house music’s most innovative acts by constantly breaking out of genre-typical constraints. Always fusing house music mastery with a knack for all things UK garage, Drinks On Me seemingly outdoes himself with every new release. Soft and smooth, yet powerful from first note to last, “Movies” is Drinks On Me at his emotive, musical best.

Prolific UK producer Drinks On Me takes to tastemaker label Noir Sur Blanc for his third release of 2021. A reflective ode to love, “Movies” was born out of gray, reminiscent night of lockdown. Serving as an introspective look at Drinks On Me’s relationship, “Movies” is the mellifluous nod to that special type of love seen on the big silver screen. Best characterized by it’s sweeping four-on-the-floor basslines, “Movies” sonically fuses ripe percussive elements with enchanting synth work to create a sensational three-minute whirlwind of sound.

“One gray lockdown night, I was sitting on FaceTime with my girlfriend reflecting on our relationship. I remember distinctly saying our love being kind of like a movie, the way we just feel so together and in our own little bubble like you see on the big screen. And the next day, ‘Movies’ was born, literally 12 hours later. The track is just a perfect reflection of my feelings to her, the ups and downs in the drops reflecting our happy moments and sad times, pitch falling emotional vocal chops representing those moments we fall together. But at the end of it, it’s got a euphoric tone, it’s a song of optimism and hope that we will get through anything. This track has to be one of my favourites I’ve ever made for that exact reason, the personal meaning behind it and the idea just all make it perfect to me. And I think she likes it too.” – Drinks On Me





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