Watch Hardwell’s First Interview Since Touring Sabbatical

For the second episode of the brand new Revealed Podcast, Hardwell joins Domeno for an hour long chat about what he has been up to since he stopped touring in October of 2018.

The interviews covers a lot of ground, beginning with Hardwell’s early days and being introduced into the dance world. He also delves into his biggest successes, as well as what is happening with Revealed. Since taking the time off touring, Hardwell seems to be much more involved with his label. He also goes into how his mentor, now colleague Tiësto helped shape his career.

He explores what he’s been doing with the new found time and put simply; living his life – going to friends birthday parties for example, something he could never do before. At the moment, he is in the studio five times a week and also working in the Revealed office a couple times a week.

And although Domeno is hesitant to ask, he does examine the possibility of when or even if Hardwell will return. He does say that he has no clue and that nothing is on the horizon – however he does say when he has the motivation and feels it is right, that he’ll be back on stage again.




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