WATCH: Jimi Somewhere Showcases His Genius Once Again With “Selfish”

Release after release, Jimi Somewhere’s penchant for blending elements of indie, electronic-pop, and experimental hip-hop have firmly established him as one of the most exciting and original acts in music. Making his way to center stage once again, Jimi Somewhere is back with his new single “Selfish,” the final track to be unveiled from his forthcoming debut album.

Benjamin Schandy aka Jimi Somewhere is from Hokksund, Norway. Dropping tracks online irregularly since 2017. His style can’t be defined in a traditional sense, with his music akin to a liquid in musical form that flows and drifts to make a fresh and exciting new sound. “Selfish” combines both the euphoric and atmospheric aspects of his production and style, with his avant-garde style meshing perfectly with his scintillating vocals.





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