Marshmello, More Than Music. YouTube’s Artist Spotlight

YouTube’s redefined music in many ways, highlighting talent who’ve built off the platform their Artist Spotlight series has seen them sharing one of a kind insights to the artists that dominate the radio waves and charts around the globe. Previously focusing on the likes of J Balvin, Maren Morris and Shawn Mendes now they set their sights on dance music featuring none other than Marshmello.

The 26-minute feature recounts Chris Comstock’s rise through the eyes of his fans, manager Moe Shazli and some of the scenes biggest talents such as Tiesto, Martin Garrix, and The Chainsmokers. The features also includes collaborators such as Logic and gaming icon Ninja with whom he hosted a live show in Fortnite with.

From India and Detroit to Melbourne, Australia the mini-documentary also puts the “Mellogang” in focus to show what he means to them. Including a family who dresses up every holiday with their own homemade helmets to a young girl who found happiness in the music, he makes whilst dealing with a leukaemia diagnosis.

With his new album Joytime III dropping tomorrow it’s without a doubt, Marshmello is one of the most carefully branded artists in today’s music business and the documentary touches on him and his team’s incredible idea machine which has enabled the meteoric rise and popularity in every culture and corner of the globe.




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