Wavedash and James Ivy’s “Chicago Loop” Is More Than Your Average Reunion

Debuting on Skrillex’s label OWSLA in 2015, Wavedash has since developed their own style of electronic dance music. Receiving industry-wide praise from artists like Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Madeon, and many more; in 2021, their 12-track debut album, World Famous Tour, left a bold and positive mark on the dance music community. Now liberated from label stipulations and creative control, the trio look onwards to seek artistic fulfillment in the next chapter of their careers. The release of “Chicago Loop”, a track that was initially introduced 3 years ago, thus, carries great meaning to both the artists and their fans, as the trio collabs with their long friend, and rising artist James Ivy. 

James Ivy, a 23-year-old Korean-American singer/songwriter/producer from New Jersey, since his debut in 2020, with “Staring Contest”, has been developing his artistic presence in the PC music scene. Receiving praise from the likes of  MTV, Flood Magazine, NYLON,  and continued releases of singles and in 2021, his debut EP, Good Grief, James Ivy has impressed both media and the fans. Crossing between genres and facing new frontiers in his career, his addition to “Chicago Loop” is something that once again proves his indefinite musical capabilities.

“Chicago Loop” was a song born from an ironing board acting as a makeshift desk and a Bluetooth speaker in a hotel room in Chicago. Me and the boys had flown out to Chicago for Lollapalooza and it ended up being the biggest let-down of a weekend ever. Me and the boys started a song purely off of the desire to make sure the weekend was not a complete waste. The lyrics, that were mostly freestyled on the spot, ended up being an ode to this feeling we had this weekend, of being at a shitty party and being like “let’s get outta here”.” – James Ivy

An upbeat indie/electronic track, Wavedash immerses listeners in a dreamy electronic instrumental. The production heavily lies on funky drums, synths, and futuristic effects that add to the colorful display of Wavedash’s adventurous sound. James Ivy further decorates the track with layered vocals as his catchy melodies gracefully merge with the lively instrumental. Wavedash and James Ivy stand to face a new chapter in their exciting career. As Wavedash moves on to the post-album era as they now create music truly without limits, this collaboration with James Ivy is something that fulfills both the sonic endeavors of the artists and the expectations of their fans. 




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