WAVEDASH Stun With Upbeat New Single ‘Dummo Loop’

Ahead of their debut album World Famous Tour set to drop in early 2021, Texan production trio WAVEDASH have released their newest single ‘Dummo Loop’.

Released through Gud Vibrations, the production presents an upbeat energy that screams good vibes. The catchy and heavily process vocals are the cherry on top of an already incredible instrumental.

The single is made to feel triumphant by intent, being the WAVEDASH trio’s lead single and return to form, it represents the creative direction the project is taking in the most flashy way possible – it’s complete sonic hedonism – loud, fun, and instantaneous.

The tune has apparently been in the works for two years, with Porter Robinson providing feedback and recently a shout out on twitter upon release.

“At its inception ‘Dummo Loop’ was nearly thrown away out of self-consciousness, for fear of potentially being viewed as derivative or generic. It has since grown into a song that we love entirely and are proud to share. ‘Dummo Loop’ isn’t particularly about any time, place, or person, but more so about a specific feeling that can sometimes be hard to communicate.” Explained WAVEDASH. “It’s the energy you get from dancing to your favorite song with your friends at a concert. The rush you get when you and your partner finally finish the game you’ve been struggling to beat. The sensation you feel when you’re noticed for something great that you’ve done. In many cases for us, it’s creating something that our friends enjoy. In a nutshell, ‘Dummo Loop’ is about confidence and fun, while reassuring the notion that articulating your ideas assuredly, and without compromise, is essential.”






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