Collective Ex Medias Drop First Compilation Album ‘WE ARE EX MEDIAS VOL I’

One of the most diverse and ambitious collective groups is seemingly on the rise thanks to a partnership of a hefty group of artists. Ex Medias is the name and WE ARE EX MEDIAS VOL I is their first compilation that brings forth an exquisite blend of sounds from founder Able Grey, alongside Nio, JWILLI, Meridian, Free Apollo, GOAST, Together As One, JAMES, Light Twin, and MAMBA.

The initial goal of the collective is to help bring light to under-appreciated artists in particular in the Chicago area. Things expanded to a more nationwide operation as it’s influence and network began to grow. Things have developed since the early days of it’s inception but the mission is the same. WE ARE EX MEDIAS VOL I is the first of many motivating moves to be made.

I’ve been wanting to bring the idea of Ex Medias to life for years now; a collective and community based on support and helping each other while also putting work into our crafts. It’s been a long road but we’re finally here. I could not be prouder than I am of all the talented artists and friends that have joined me on this vision. This year is going to be a big one and I don’t think it would be the same without this ‘family’ that has come to fruition throughout this process. To think that this is just the beginning of a specific journey is mind blowing. WE are Ex Medias and WE have a lot in store for everyone.

– Able Grey, Founder




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